The philosophy of North Little Rock Catholic Academy is:

  1. to provide an atmosphere of faith, where students are called to academic excellence, self-discipline, and knowledge of God.
  2. to provide a high quality education for each child regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic background, while proclaiming the message of Jesus.
  3. to provide through or faith community ad service to others, work to develop both the mind and body of our students.
  4. to provide comfortable well-tended facilities, staffed by the priest, lay teachers, support staff, and caring involved parents and volunteers of our school community. 
  5. to work as partners to provide a safe, comfortable, loving environment where students may grow spiritually and academically.
  6. to encourage students to love and respect themselves and others, to be honest and fair, to have a rich and fruitful relationship with God, and to become lifelong learners.