NLRCA has a heart for faith and learning.
  • Our students at NLRCA are offered a religion based curriculum across all subject areas.
  • Our students gain foundational footsteps to becoming lifelong stewards of the Church by leading school Mass twice a week.
  • Our students are offered religion classes that teach them about the Catholic faith, scripture, imitating the life of Christ, prayer, and Mass.
  • Our students develop a deep devotion to the Blessed Sacrament during weekly Adoration.
  • We offer special opportunities to experience the Catholic faith across cultures with the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Las Posadas.
  • Our students develop strong leadership within the church and community by doing varied service projects based on Catholic values of Mercy.
NLRCA has a heart for providing excellence and Academic Quality
  • Our students can boast of high entrance exam scores to Catholic high schools.
  • Our students develop academic skills necessary to easily transition into honor and AP programs in high school.
  • Our students are equipped with information, media, and technology proficiency.
  • Our students are immersed in several non-traditional classroom projects designed to develop communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills such as our Stock Market Games.
  • Our curriculum provides opportunities to enhance critical thinking skills necessary for high school and college readiness.
  • Our Alumni are able to compete academically on a global scale against peers.
NLRCA has a heart for providing Safety, Structure, Discipline, and Nurturing
  • NLRCA offers a unique family atmosphere between students, parents, and faculty that boosts confidence and safeguards our students.
  • Our educators are a team of highly qualified teachers who love their craft, the students, and the school’s atmosphere. Many have been with NLRCA for over 5 years.
  • Teachers and Staff at NLRCA use the Philosophy of Love and Logic in behavior and class management.
  • NLRCA has a partnership with the North Little Rock Police and community Fire Departments. We support and celebrate our partnership during an annual First Responders Assembly.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, NLRCA has an up to date Emergency and Crisis Plan with Security systems in Place.
NLRCA has a heart in providing Whole Child Education
  • Our students are offered many activities and leadership opportunities that mold a well balanced individual recognized for strengths in knowledge, self-discipline, and respect of others.
  • Our students are provided foreign language classes, art classes, and computer/technology classes in addition to a challenging core curriculum.
  • Our students are offered a variety of competitive sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, and cheerleading.
  • Our students are provided a multi-cultural, faith based Music program that includes weekly classes, drama opportunities for 8th Grade, and choir.
  • NLRCA has an active Junior High Ministry for 6th-8th Grades. There is opportunity within the JHM to serve on student council, coordinate service projects, and take part in activities that caring individuals.
  • NLRCA provides a Title 1 program to help ensure that struggling students achieve academic success.
  • NLRCA has strong PreK- 3 and PreK- 4 programs that help its students build strong, positive relationships with others, foster a love for learning, and provide a loving, safe environment.